The Braille Enthusiast's Dictionary
Compiled and edited by M. Cay Holbrook & Frances Mary D'Andrea



With the change from English Braille American Edition to Unified English Braille, teachers and transcribers may have questions about contraction usage. Do you still use the braille ‘ar’ sign in around? Do you use the ‘ed’ sign in redirect? It seems as though there is something special about the word fruity, but what is it? Do you use the ‘ity’ sign or not? Is it all right to use the ‘con’ sign in inconsiderate?

Braille enthusiasts, your answers are here! The Braille Enthusiast’s Dictionary-Unified English Braille is just for you. It has the braille transcriptions of almost 30,000 common and not-so-common words in the English language. And there is more! The Braille Enthusiast’s Dictionary contains syllable divisions for the inkprint versions in case a word needs to be divided at the end of a line. Also, there are guide words on each page, just as in conventional dictionaries. For those enthusiasts familiar with the previous edition (that aligned with English Braille American Edition), this updated version contains words new to the dictionary since the publication of the earlier edition, and also a brand-new horizontal format with a font that’s easier to read.

Of course, the braille enthusiast must be thoroughly skilled in following the rules of the UEB code to make effective and efficient use of this reference. Used in conjunction with The Rules of Unified English Braille 2013, this 578-page reference book will prove to be a helpful and handy tool to keep on your desk when a specific question arises that needs clarification.